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Our Services

Weekend Works provides the highest quality wheel repair in the industry. Our services are designed for your convenience, scheduled by appointment and are typically finished within 24-48hrs. We want every customer to feel 100% satisfied and offer a 1-year warranty on every wheel. 

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Don't throw away or replace your damaged wheels. Let us repair them and make look new again. Almost all damaged wheels are repairable and cost a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new rim. 

Curb Damage Repair

Whether your wheel has curb damage, chips, scrapes, scratches, dings, or is just out of shape. We have the team that can get your wheel back to factory finish in no time! 

Wheels are cleaned, repaired, primed, painted and clear coated. OEM-approved paint is color matched to every wheel prior to repair. 


Our wheel welding service is for wheels that have small cracks on the wheel lip or the back barrel within the safety bead limit. Cracked wheels can be a big issue. With time and added stress any crack can wide and spread to the point where a vehicle is no longer safe to drive on. Here at Weekend Works, wheels are carefully inspected prior to welding and must meet our "safe to repair" criteria. If it passes, a wheel technician will repair the cracked wheel.

Custom Coloring

There is nothing that can express the uniqueness of your vehicle like a set of custom finished wheels that no one else has.  Whether you are ready for a change of color, a tasteful flat/satin/gloss black, polish, hyper silver,

PVD coatings, chrome finish, solid colors, vehicle color matching or painted wheel pockets, we can offer expert consulting and deliver an exceptional product not found anywhere else.

A perfect way to give your vehicle a "limited edition" look.

Straightening of Bent Wheel

Bent or out of round wheels cause vibrations that can damage your vehicle’s steering, suspension systems and tires. It can even decrease fuel economy. We can correct these vibrations and save the costly repairs on these systems. We restore the wheel back to manufacturer specs and guarantee your bent wheel to seal around the bead and hold air. 

CNC Machining

A machined finish is applied by spinning the wheel on a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) lathe. Such machining is done to smooth out welded areas and to enhance the original finish of the wheel. It can fully restore rims up to 28-inches in diameter, which means it can easily accommodate all common wheel models. All wheels requiring machining are inspected and must meet our "safe to repair" criteria.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a finishing process that offers a far more superior finish than alternative finishes like paint. Powder coat offers greater durability, impact resistance, and improved wear characteristics in comparison to other finishing options. In addition to the improved durability, powder coating is offered in a great variety of finishes including basic gloss, semi-gloss, and flat finishes. There are thousands of colors available to choose from.

Tire Mounting & Balancing

Here at Weekend Works, we have the proper equipment and tools to safely and properly mount your tire. When a tire is mounted to the rim, the tire bead needs to fit flush with the rim. Ultimately, if a tire is improperly mounted, it can result in premature tire wear, tire failure or the tire may not function to the best of its ability. That’s why it is best to leave it to professionals.

Once your tire is mounted on the rim, the entire wheel is spun on a balancing machine. Properly balanced wheels can improve driver safety, reduce tire wear, increase fuel efficiency and minimize steering wheel vibration leading to a smoother, more comfortable ride

Wheel weights can be attached at the right points of the rim to make sure the wheel is balanced.

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